David has run his fingers through thousands of heads of hair and knows first hand the issues facing women everyday and as a self-confessed beauty junkie, he often asks, "Why stop your meticulous skincare regime once you reach your scalp?" He believes that beautiful hair, like beautiful skin, can be achieved with the right products. A properly treated scalp can give you a gorgeous, healthy, luscious head of hair. Treat your hair like you treat your face and achieve a complete head turning look.

Working in the hair care industry for decades has given David the intimate knowledge of what women want in a hair care collection and more importantly - what they need. Yes, they want volume and shine. Yes, they want strength and elasticity. But you can't get all of those benefits and more in just any hair care collection.

David is thrilled to introduce his own eponymous collection of unique hair care products - david evangelista™. For years he's been asked to represent other hair care collections but nothing felt right. Working for years with chemists and labs, David and his team tirelessly searched for innovative ingredients and unique combinations.

David Evangelista